Water Color Beach in Florida’s Gulf coast

Water Color Florida is a beautiful place to go with the family and have a great time at the beach while creating memories and experiences for a lifetime.We have been a few times and had a blast. We are truly fond of the Pearl and all its charm. There are several places to stay at seaside watercolor, and all along the iconic 30-A scenic route. The last time we went our friend Curtis and OKC garage door repair told us of a great place to eat called Bud and Allys and it had to be the best food there in exception to the southerner. The best cheese grits and lobster mac and cheese in the world. We had a blast and ate like kings. The first time we came we had been to a few places up and down the 30-A trying to get a good grasp on all the sites to see and a feel for the locals. It was a quaint little town that really wasn’t that old. The town was established in 1979 by Robert and Daryl Davis. It’s a beautiful spot on the Gulf coast that is quite the tourist attraction. Beach front properties and Dining that is to die for. The areas to be sure to check out are definitely along the 30-A highway. However, if you’re in Seaside you’ll probably be on foot or bicycle. Everything is so close that you don’t have far to go. We stayed at the Pearl the first time and it was great. Ocean view from our 3 story room and every night they came and turned down your bed and left you with a tasty treat. The customer care was epic and so was the food in the restaurant downstairs. We even got to catch a glimpse of a movie they were playing the first night we were there and it was out in the commons on the grassy area for all to watch and enjoy as a community. I can only imagine the life of living in seaside and not having to worry about the hustle and bustle of the big city. It truly is a quaint little place to take your kids, or just the significant other and enjoy all that seaside has to offer. If you’re lucky you will catch a dolphin or two out in the shallows at dusk. We are half tempted to sell our home and make the move to a climate that is always inviting and a small town community that is that of a dream or movie. Seaside will always be our home away from home.



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